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From Art to Animal Welfare The Diverse Strengths of Autistic People

Thorkil Sonne and Specialisterne have helped corporate technology companies such as HPE and SAP around the world to realize the tremendous potential of Autistic people. This outstanding work is creating opportunities for autistic people whose potential may not have otherwise been recognized. Another thing I love about these initiatives is the impact on non autistic people […]

Neurodiversity Employment Symposium

Australia’s first ever Neurodiversity and Employment Symposium saw over 200 people attendance with representatives from government departments, neurodiverse people and disability advocates gathering at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in the bayside suburb of Manly. The Symposium was organised by Jay Hobbs, a psychologist and director at Thriving Now, a boutique service that provides neurodiversity […]

Breaking the Silence of Dyslexia in the Workplace

The first Neurodiversity & Employment Symposium featured the following dyslexic speakers: Jay Hobbs, Director of Thriving Now Jemima Hutton, founder of Dyslexia Demystified Katie Small, Department of Child Safety Will Wheeler, CEO of Dyslexic Evolution Shae Wissell, CEO of Dear Dyslexia and a qualified speech pathologist Roughly 10% of the Australian population has some form […]

My Dyslexic evolution – Why I Sought a diagnosis

Why I Sought a Diagnosis for Dyslexia and ADHD In Year 6, there were signs that I had dyslexia. However, I felt more mature and confident to undertake the diagnostic process formally just a few months ago, aged in my 40s. It seemed like the right time, after spending years helping autistic adults and children […]

My Dyslexic evolution – from struggles to strengths

Becoming a Psychologist: Part 1 I’m full of energy and ideas. It’s like being a helicopter, always hovering around to look at the big picture. Maybe not so crash-hot on the details, but with a razor-sharp vision for unlocking people’s strengths. That’s because I have dyslexia, a learning difficulty related to reading. Words on a page […]